First on Scene provides free training to local schools for Restart a Heart Day

Restart a Heart Day takes place on 16th October each year to raise awareness of cardiac arrest and help people to learn CPR. As part of this brilliant initiative, First on Scene visit schools to train students in the life saving skills of CPR. 

As Restart a Heart Day fell on a Sunday this year, the First on Scene team headed out to schools on the nearest Friday and Monday to train approximately 1,000 students in CPR. Being part of this worldwide campaign in this way is fantastic for the community and means a lot to the business.

In the UK there are roughly 30,000 out-of-hospital cases of cardiac arrest. Sadly, less than 1 in 10 people survive these cardiac arrests. learning how to perform effective CPR is so important as it can more than double the chances of survival.

For Restart a Heart Day 2022, First on Scene visited Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School, Woodhouse Grove School, and Bradford Forster Academy. The sessions covered how to recognise cardiac arrest, what action to take and how to effectively administer CPR, and the importance of using an automated external defibrillator (AED).

The students who took part in the training were engaged and excited to learn more about CPR, practising their new skills and brimming with confidence by the end of the session.