First Aid for Schools

Did you know that 270 children die at school every year from cardiac arrest?

That’s 7 children every school week!

When you work with children, first aid is an everyday task. There is always a bumped head to treat, a grazed knee to wash or a splinter to remove, but would you or your staff know what to do if the problem wasn’t so routine?

What if 4 year old Amelia has a seizure in the classroom, or sports-mad Oliver collapses during a football match? 

Or… your caretaker falls and dislocates his knee?

Schools have a responsibility to everyone who enters their grounds, not only the children but also for staff, any visitors and even parents waiting at the school gates. Can you keep them safe in an emergency?

We all know that first aid training is important, but ensuring your workplace is legally compliant can seem like a minefield of complicated legislation that you simply don’t have time to sift through.

That’s why, here at First on Scene, we have a specifically designed training course for teachers, nursery staff, childminders and anyone else working with young people and infants.

Our Paediatric First Aid and First Aid at Work course covers all the bases to help you and your colleagues confidently apply first aid knowledge at your workplace in just 3 days!

This combined course covers both adults and child first aid and meets EYFS and OFSTED requirements.

Why First on Scene?

First on Scene is run by experienced Ambulance Service Paramedics and all of our trainers are medical professionals.

This includes NHS Paramedics, Accident and Emergency Nurses and ex-Army medics, so you can be confident that the training you receive is of the highest quality.

Our trainers share their knowledge and experience from the field to make our courses relevant and memorable.

First On Scene Trainer Sue Bower

Meet the trainer:

I’m Sue, a trainer for First on Scene. Before that I worked as a front line Paramedic for almost 30 years.

My years working with the Ambulance Service mean that when it comes to children hurting themselves (or adults for that matter), I’ve seen it all. So I can give you the skills and confidence to manage any emergency situation.

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To find out more about the Combined Level 3 Paediatric First Aid and Level 3 First Aid at Work course, simply click here or call 03303 112 199.

"I have been using First on Scene for all our First Aid training for the past 4 years. I find them efficient, reliable and professional. First on Scene are able to make the training ‘come alive’ as their trainers have years of real life experience." Hazel Archer RGN, DIP HE (OH), Occupational Health Manager at Greggs
"The feedback I get from my team is always extremely positive and the trainers manage to inject some humour into what can be a very dull subject as I always hear laughing coming from the training room! I would definitely recommend First on Scene Training as your first aid training provider!" Emma Vithlani, Mind
"First on Scene are excellent trainers of First Aid needs. The team regularly trains the First Aiders in the RSPB Northern Region and the service that they provide is second to none." Craig Hartley, Visitor Operations Manager at RSPB
"First on Scene’s training was excellent and the feedback from the clinical and admin staff was extremely positive." Maria Lawton, Practice Manager at Hall Green Surgery
"First on Scene are always very polite on the phone and extremely helpful when we have queries. I find their services very efficient with joining instructions coming minutes after putting the phone down. I would definitely recommend First on Scene and will continue to use their service for any first aid training in the future." Danielle Hunt, Learning & Development Coordinator at Leeds Building Society