First on Scene Learner Saves the Life of Driver Suffering Cardiac Arrest

Back in November 2016 Sayama Hanif was selected by her school, Lilycroft Primary, to attend a first aid course with First on Scene.  

Little did Sayama know that just 6 weeks later she would be using the skills she had learned to save a life.

Sayama was driving home through Bradford when she came across a crowd of people by the roadside including two Police Officers, and a gentleman in his car who looked like he’d been involved in an accident. Sayama’s instincts told her to park up and see if she could help. 

‘I could see the driver was unresponsive and nothing was being done to revive him. I knew this was a very critical situation and fast action was required therefore I suggested to the Police Officer that we need to start CPR.’ 

Sayama and the Police Officer took turns delivering chest compressions to the casualty until the Ambulance Responder arrived. 

‘Throughout this highly pressurised situation, in my head I could clearly remember Dave the First Aid trainer saying "just keep the compressions going" and that is exactly what we did.’ 

Due to the critical nature of the man's condition, an air ambulance was required to fly him to hospital as quickly as possible. It was later revealed that the gentleman had suffered a cardiac arrest whilst driving and without emergency first aid he may not have survived.

‘This has left me feeling very confident and proud of myself. I would like to send a special Thank You to my Headteacher for recommending me for the training and also to my first aid instructor Dave Atkinson for delivering such valuable training.’ 

‘I would highly recommend everyone to undertake the first aid training delivered by First On Scene as it could prove to be invaluable.’

Sayama was in exactly the right place at the right time. We are so proud to hear that she stayed calm and clear and that her actions made all the difference to the casualty.

Well done Sayama!