Ambulances Struggle under Pressure of 8 Minute Deadline

BBC investigation has found that 12 out of the UK’s 13 ambulance services are currently missing the target of reaching seriously ill and injured patients in 8 minutes.

Unfortunately, Ambulance bosses state that ever-increasing demand on the system means they often fall short of this target. Time spent queuing outside A&E waiting to transfer patients and having to deal with minor injury callouts, add to the strain.

Senior paramedics said the situation had become so critical that there have been instances where services have run out of ambulances during peak times. Over 9 million calls to 999 were handled last year, that’s around 30,000 calls every day. A 300% increase compared to a decade ago.

The Importance of First Aid

As our overstretched paramedics struggle to get to casualties quickly, public First Aid awareness has never been more crucial!

Those first vital minutes after an incident can mean the difference between life and death and help from a trained First Aider will give a casualty the best possible chance of survival until an Ambulance can reach the scene. First Aid is a skill we should all have!

First on Scene was established by experienced Ambulance Service Paramedics and we pride ourselves on offering training courses from the professionals. All of our trainers have ‘real life experience’ meaning you will receive the best quality training.