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Oxygen Therapy Training Course

Oxygen Therapy First Aid Training CourseThis comprehensive 3 hour Oxygen Therapy training course is designed for qualified First Aiders and Emergency First Aiders to be able to administer oxygen safely and effectively.

Our Paramedic instructors have years of experience in advanced life support and their expertise enables them to make this type of training relevant, ensuring that the students have the skills and knowledge to deal with this type of situation competently and effectively.

This course is often combined with the Automated External Defibrillation module as a 1 day course and is ideal for first aiders working in nursing homes, companies with emergency oxygen for first aid purposes or industries where there is a risk of dangerous fume inhalation etc.

Are students assessed?

Students are continuously assessed throughout the course.

Oxygen Therapy certificates are valid for 3 years and First on Scene Training will send an automatic reminder to both the customer and the student three months prior to the expiry date of the certificate. Certificates can be renewed by attending a 3 hour Oxygen Therapy training course.

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This is a popular 'on site' training course and First on Scene Training regularly run these courses throughout the UK. If you require details regarding this course, please contact our friendly Customer Service Team, who will be happy to help you arrange this.

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